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PostHeaderIcon The Ultimate Guide for Beach Cottage Furniture Shopping

A beach-style inspired home cannot be called as such without the right bits and pieces to accent its interior, living spaces. Beach cottage furniture is characterized as easy on the eyes, cool, and relaxing. Furniture built for cottage-beach inspired homes are both functional and decorative. This makes them valuable pieces as they can be utilized to perform a critical function while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


Beach Cottage Furniture


Must-Have Beach  Cottage Furniture

Aside from the common furnishings that one can find in any living space, there are specialty pieces that are commonly seen in cottage beach homes. Here are a couple of beach cottage  furniture staples that you should consider if you are seriously looking into creating a beach inspired home:


  • Adirondack Chairs

Who said that Adirondack chairs can only be placed in the outdoors? Since this type of furniture function as a chair, it can also be added inside a beach-cottage inspired interior. Adirondack chairs feature a straight back portion that is slanted together with the seat. The main distinctive feature of an Adirondack chair is its wide armrests on both sides.  This is the ultimate chair if you just want to relax and chill indoors.


Adirondack Chairs


Adirondack chairs are relatively easy to make. They are typically made of wood and come in either polished or unpolished versions. There are companies that paint Adirondack chairs and distress them for a Shabby Chic look. For added comfort, homeowners can add padded seat covers. Seat covers act as cushions and accessories as well.


  • Rattan or Wicker Furnishings

Rattan and wicker furnishings have always been associated with living along the coastline. They are lightweight, sturdy, and very stylish. Well-made wicker furnishings can last for years with little to no maintenance. It has that easy and breezy feel that wood or leather furniture fail to deliver.


Rattan Wicker Furnishings


The natural beauty of rattan is simply timeless. Those that come from reputable furniture companies are handcrafted so you don’t have to worry about fiber unraveling and loose placements in the long run. Wicker furniture on the other hand can be anything- a sofa, desk, side table, a dining table, or even a bed frame. The materials used are pliable but display impressive, sturdy quality. They are either covered with varnish or painted in cool, sea-inspired colors like white and blue.

Whichever you choose between rattan and wicker, these furniture pieces definitely adds that “beach-life” atmosphere to your living interiors. It adds textures and patterns that other materials can never pull off.


Color Scheme of Beach Cottage Interiors and Furnishings

Whether you live near the beach or live in the suburbs, you can transform any space within your home into a relaxing seaside haven by simply adding the right colors to walls, floors, accents, and furnishings. Think blue, teal, green, turquoise, and white! These colors remind us of the ocean and the sand. Make sure to add lighter shades of the aforementioned colors. Cool tones perfectly keep that seaside vibe going on. Corals, light beige, and pink are colors that you can also add when shopping for furniture. Cool refreshing colors best replicate the relaxing atmosphere that seaside cottages offer.


The Best Fabrics for Beach Cottage  Furniture

Cotton, linen, wool, and bamboo are the perfect fabrics for cottage-beach furniture. They are materials that are light and easy to wash. These fabrics are light to the touch and are easy on the eyes. Make sure to select fabrics in light shades and colors so they perfectly complement the beach-inspired furniture that you install in your home.

Beach Cottage Furniture Fabric


For beach -cottage furnishings, you may want to purchase slipcovers to ensure their longevity. Slipcovers are easy to install. And since they are made from light, machine washable fabrics you will never have a hard time in care and maintenance.

In addition, make sure to purchase fabrics in the right colors. Take cues from Mother Nature. Be inspired with the objects that you most commonly see in a tropical beach. You can either go for plain cool colors for your furniture or you can add a little bit of fun by installing nautical-patterned fabrics as well.


Shabby Chic Furniture

Beach-cottage homes remind us of the simple and laid back lifestyle. If you are going for a relaxed atmosphere, why not consider decorating your interiors with shabby chic furniture. The distressed look of shabby chic accents and furniture pieces perfectly complements the tranquil vibe inherent in classic beach house cottages.


Shabby Chic Furniture


One of the benefits of adorning your home with shabby chic furniture is the fact that you can take old furniture to make them look completely different. This is a cost-effective interior decorating solution if you are on a tight budget, but badly needs some change inside your home.


Where to Buy Cottage Beach Furniture?

If you live in the Carolinas, you may never have to worry about where you can buy quality furniture. The South Carolinas is known to be the premier distributor of specialty furnishings in the country. You really do not need to look far and wide for beach cottage inspired pieces in this region.

However if you live in the metropolis and would like to adorn your home with furniture, decors, and home accents that remind you of the beach, look for specialty stores that sell shabby chic furniture and English Country inspired home pieces. There’s one within every city, so do take a look inside these stores when you accidently pass by one.

Antique furniture shops also have a wide selection of  beach cottage inspired sofas, desks, chairs, and even bed frames. The best thing about buying from antique shops is that their offerings are one-of-a-kind.

Lastly, there are companies online that offer custom made services as well. Your concept and ideas of beach-inspired furniture will be translated to quality, handcrafted works of art that you can display proudly inside your relaxing, casual, but chic interiors. Good luck with your cottage beach furniture!

PostHeaderIcon Beach Cottage Linens and Textiles

Beach Cottage Linens and Textiles

This post is meant to be read after, and as a compliment to the Beach Cottage Bedding post on our Beach Cottage Furniture Blog. This post will just have information on linens and textiles (rugs) that one may wish to purchase to accent their beach cottage. The main information on how to go about choosing and comparing the various styles as well as comparing prices, return policies, project guarantees, ordering, receiving and evaluating accessories will be found in the bedding post. So if you need information regarding these aspects pleased refer to the Beach Cottage Bedding post.

LINENS – linens are composed of napkins, pillows, table runners, and although normally not considered in the linen category but often included are things such as; kitchen towels, hand, body, and face towels. Comfort is usually the key but relaxing beauty is the essence of all beach cottage furniture accessories.

Examples of linen styles for the table are designs such as: Aqua Wave pattern accentuating the side on white linen dinner napkins, and the Aqua Wave pattern accentuating the side of  white linen table runners.

Other designs that utilize the white linen dinner napkins and table runners are: Blue Crabs ,Blue Zigzag design, Navy Sailboats, Green Morocco pattern, Green Sea Turtles, Orange Fish pattern, Orange Fish with an Aqua Coral pattern, Orange Zig-Zag pattern, Pink Shells, Red Coral designs, Red Lobster patterns, White Anchor on Natural Color Linen, White Anchor on Navy Linen, White Coral on Light Blue Linen, White Coral on Salmon Linen, White Crab on Salmon Linen, White Octopus on Green Linen, White Pineapple On Natural Linen, White Sailboat on Salmon Linen, and White Seahorses on Natural Linen. These are but a few samples from one manufacturer there are many, many more options available. As long as you follow the example given earlier in this post for determining the best appropriate accessories for your beach cottage furniture you quest will be easily made.

Regarding kitchen and bath towels the assortment is stupendous. You can find pretty much anything you want either in a pattern such as: fish, crabs, lobsters, ships, light houses, bright and airy colorful pastels, patterns of sea shells, sea horses, ocean waves, coral or anything you feel may be appropriate to your heart’s content. It is available. The good thing about the Internet is most everything possibly imaginable is out there, even manufacturers that will customized your personal design.

Textiles – Textiles are mostly associated with rugs. There are assorted variety of styles and weaves, some of them are:

 Wool Woven Rugs, which come in various coastal decor and beach house styles. These can be found in natural and extremely vibrant and captivating designs. Capturing the soft pastels of Bermuda and the Caribbean extending into dew covered roses found in a seaside cottage garden. All sizes ranging from the smallest accent rug to runners to full room sizes can be acquired. Some of the interesting styles that can be found are: Autumn Botanical , Beach Cabanas, Bayou Poppy, Bermuda in Plaid, Blueberries in July, Boardwalk, Bright Buds, Captive Floral, Caracas, Confetti, Coral in various colors, Court Hill Woven Wool Rug, Curtis Stripe Poppy, Deco Cottage Copper, Deco Cottage Peacock, Earth Mayfield, Floral in Chocolate Aqua and Green or Smoke and Lilac, From the Garden, Go Fly Away (butterflies), Gypsy Rose Wool, Hot House Winter Wool Micro Hooked, Ivy Vines, Jardins, Lake , Leopard in Aqua, Lyric , Marble in Pool or Stone, Morning Glory Grey, Paper Chains, Play with Color,  Polka Dot Blue, Poppies in Driftwood, Rainbow Seashells, Rivers, Sailing Away, Sanibel, Sarasota Kiwi or Pool or White, Ship Shape, Squares in Red or Sky, Steps to the Beach, Sun Kist, Sunny Stokes, Trio of Crabs, Vine Denim Wool Tufted or Vine Slate Wool Tufted, Yukata, Zinnia Grass and Cream, and Red Zipper Wool Rug just to name a few.

Woven Cotton Rugs -  Durable and affordable most all woven cotton rugs are hand loomed and 100  percent cotton. The smaller rugs should be hand washed in cold water and the larger rug need to be dry cleaned. There are many styles of varieties some of which are: bold colorful stripes with alternating contrasting colors. Others have stripes of differing widths contrasting colors and there are also plaids in soft medium and bold varieties. Some of the more interesting patterns are: Aruba, batten stripe, Birmingham black, red, or denim, blue cream tattersail, bluemarine ticking, cabana, Caravan stripe, clovers stripe, Dawson, fisher ticking, follow the arrows cotton yarn hooked rug, garden stripe, Gypsy Rose cotton hooked rug, Montana stripe, Jamaica ticking, mums stripe, Nantucket, Navy beige tattersail, parasol stripe, palm beach ticking, Quartz stripe, salt stripeblue, seaglass stripe, spice ticking, spinmaker, Staffordshire stripe, Taffy stripe, tangerine dream, Tigerlily stripe, yacht stripe pink and white and terracotta, and last but not least Zanzibar. These are just a few of many that struck my fancy as I was researching items for this blog. Any of these names can be placed in a Google product search, and if the manufacturer distributor or reseller has advertised for the specific rug it will come up on your screen.

Also the Cotton Woven Beach House Rugs, as well as the Hooked Tufted Woven Rugs can also be found as an outside variety in small, large, and/or runners styles. Although there may have different material. For example the cotton rugs are Olefin, made from  polypropylene and is scrub able, bleachable, and even machine washable. They are great beach house rugs because their molds and mildew resistant, excellent for sandy or high traffic areas and are great for around the pool because they dry in a flash. Hooked and Tufted rugs are exceptional beach house accessories, for they are great around the pool and/or on a deck. Most are made from DuraCord® yarns, which are the plushest and softest outdoor rugs on the market. This is a fiber that is colorfast and is almost exactly like cotton especially in its softness. They are meant to bring you long-lasting pleasure even when expos to high sun areas. Like their cotton counterparts they are fast drying, mildew and mold resistant, and are environmentally friendly.

Have fun exploring your many choices as these accessories can make your beach cottage furniture and your dwelling really pop!